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Please take note of my rider below.

If you have any questions please call: +7(926)-482-64-35

Р.А. Specification:
General Power Amplifier at the rate 100 persons – 1 kW, 1000 persons - 10 kW, 2000 persons – 20 kW.

Anna-Katharina will come 1 hour before the beginning of the performance. The eguipment should be completely connected and ready to use at this time and in working order. A sound engineer must be available at this time and throughout the performance.

Voltage - 220 V.
Monitors: On the stage shoud be 1 monitor per person from 300 Vt  (from 500 Vt if  the audience is more than 1000) or an in ear monitor can be used.
Attention! Voltage - 220V: 5 free points. 
Effects (FX): Reverb, Delay – in speakers and in a monitor line.
Inputs: 3 mono XLR, 2 mono Jack (stereo).

Stage plan
220 V (5 free points)

- direction of monitor.