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Hello and welcome to my web-site. Thank you for visiting!
Come with me to a world of wonderful sounds.  Feel the cool breeze, forget all your worries and let me take you on a flight with an ANGEL!
  With pleasant sensations taking you back to your youth and the forgotten hits of the past to the present modern day.
It is good that we are here together!

  Anna-Katharina is one of the most innovative, fresh and exciting new saxophone players to come out of the Russian Federation.
She was born on February, 14th, 1989. Anna started to play the saxophone when she was 10 years old and now she's a highly professional saxophone player and musician. She has graduated from the college - "Musically-Theatrical Art of Vishnevskaya" in 2008, and the University of Music in 2011 class of the saxophone. She is the winner of 1st degree The International competition of executors on wind instruments "Kremlin Stars" 2009. She is also the winner of the Serbian Musical Competition 2011.
Anna has worked with many Russian pop stars. She has toured and performed concerts in many cities of Russia, Italy, France, Spain, Austria and USA.
Anna-Katharina has a fantastic sound, an exallent show and an amazing appearance. Her stunningly gorgeous looks and unforgettable presence will stay in your mind forever!

Anna-Katharina released a CD and DVD called ANGEL in 2012.

Anna performs all the gold hits with the most popular melodies from Jazz to Pop, Retro to Club music and Dj.
Anna also performs her original compositions.